City Walk Rocks!

beaufort160_webA testimonial from Rob and Marta Cahill, Arlington, VA

Spring break road trip… a wonderful lunch on a swinging bench along the boardwalk of Beaufort’s spectacular waterfront park… browsing pictures of homes for sale in the Low Country Real Estate office window.  It all seemed so innocent and harmless.  Next thing we knew, we were talking with Mac Rogerson in their City Walk on-site sales office. Marta was watching the promo video track of one charming low country home after another… while Rob and Mac got to know each other — southern hospitality flourishing, of course.

Short story shorter — before the afternoon was over, we had a handshake deal with Mac to buy Lot “Sweet 16.” We hadn’t even been thinking about retirement options.  Was this meant to be? As Seattle natives who have lived these past 33 years in the “Other” Washington (Arlington, VA)… this decision was (and still is) a BIG deal! The longer story is quite compelling… but it’s telling will need to wait another day. We would learn later that we were the second purchasers at City Walk.

What explains our metaphorical love affair with City Walk?  There are a myriad of reasons that still keep us so infatuated… here are a few: building a home together combines a lifelong desire of ours to literally build a new home with the concomitant opportunity to become part of a new and vibrant community (49 homes seems to be just right — not too big… not too small… just right)… the sheer physical beauty and charm of low country designed homes is awesome and seductive… having a first-floor master suite is divine as we both enter our third third… our front row view of the marshlands and the Beaufort Courthouse dome are frosting on the cake… value and affordability, because while we are “wealthy” vis-à-vis all the important intangible measures, our bank accounts are still limited… walkability and proximity to historic downtown Beaufort are second to none… and the Spanish Moss Trail is an exceptional bonus for avid bicyclists like us (Pickleball can wait until we arrive!)… lifelong learning and educational opportunities offered at USC’s Beaufort campus will serve to stimulate our minds plus challenge too… and nearby Hunting Island State Park is a secret treasure, one which we hope and trust will help lure our children and grandchildren to come visit time and time again.

Now we just have to retire to rewire!  Rob’s ready to make the move NOW, but Marta has at least another 18 months in a job she dearly loves.  So we’ll see…

Postscript: we held our breath during the onslaught of Hurricane Matthew last October! Much to our relief (and others too, no doubt), City Walk passed this test in flying colors — some modest wind damage but NOT a single drop of water! This impressive outcome is further testimony and tribute to the superior design and development standards of East-West Communities.