6 Benefits of Waterfront Living


CityWalk in Beaufort offers plenty of great reasons to live here – especially when you consider the perks of living near the water!


Beaufort Town on the water at sunset



The Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park

  • Located in downtown Beaufort along the waters of the Beaufort River, this is the city’s most prominent park. It includes landscaped green space, riverfront walkways, a small pavilion, access to restaurants & shops, and the National Historic Landmark District.



Health Benefits

  • That salty sea air releases energy that helps your body absorb oxygen, combat free radicals, and improve alertness. Negative ions in the air also balance serotonin levels. So go for a walk, take a deep breath, and feel a whole lot better!


Unique & Local Entertainment

  • Beaufort is home to a variety of waterfront festivals, such as the Taste of Beaufort, the Water Festival, the Original Gullah Festival, the International Film Festival, and the Shrimp Festival. Chances are, whatever you’re into, we’ve got a festival for it!


Rest & Relaxation

  • Many people use sound machines to lull themselves to sleep with the sound of waves. At City Walk, throw your sound machine away and listen to the soothing sounds of ACTUAL water lapping the shore and the call of REAL birds. Bonus: residents here have the added benefit of being able to see and touch the water for an even more relaxing effect.


Fun in the Sun AND Water!

  • Living on the waterfront means boating and fishing are a pretty common form of recreation here in Beaufort. But you can also go kayaking or canoeing. There are plenty of dolphins, ospreys and other marsh denizens to marvel at. Heck, with all these beautiful creatures, we suggest keeping your eyes peeled for a mystical mermaid!


Stress Relief

  • Academics have conducted compelling research about the emotional relationship humans have with water, dubbing the result “Blue Mind”. Water tends to draw the soul and body toward it, relieving stress. Researchers are just beginning to tap into the benefits of living on the waterfront, but you’re welcome to come do a little research on your own 😉